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This check register provides a cumulative record of payments to County suppliers, vendors and other payees as approved by the Cook County Board of Commissioners, beginning in December 2009. 

The register was originally mandated by resolution of the Cook County Board (09-R-120 - view full resolution - starting on page 20 of the document), and was improved for greater transparency in March 2011 as follows:
  • Allows searches across the entire database (prior version only allowed searches within each month)
  • County business units are listed by name (previously only by number)
  • Data may be sorted by any column by clicking on the column header (for example, clicking on "Check Date" will sort the records in date order; clicking again will sort them in reverse date order)
Payment data is available each month within 30 days after Board approval of that month's payments.
To search the check register, check the boxes next to the desired search criteria and type in the text or number to be searched, or use the pull downs to enter the request. You can also view the entire check register database by leaving all search filters unchecked. Click the "Search" button to display the results of the search.
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