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Cook County Ordinances

The Law Library maintains the current Cook County Code of Ordinances in print at the Reference Desk. The Law Library has Proceedings of the Cook County Board of Commissioners, containing all the business of the Board including the text of ordinances and resolutions.

The Law Library maintains, in addition to Proceedings and ordinances, selected current and earlier county documents. Documents include Cook County budgets, Forest Preserve ordinances and budgets, Proceedings of the Forest Preserve District of Cook County, zoning ordinances and maps, environmental control and building ordinances, and annual reports of the President of the Cook County Board and Forest Preserve District.


Legislative Reference Service

The Legislative Reference Service assists the President and members of the Cook County Board of Commissioners in the drafting of ordinances, amendments and resolutions. The Legislative Reference Service's online database of legislation includes both pending legislation and post action legislation introduced into the Cook County Board of Commissioners and the Forest Preserve District of Cook County Board of Commissioners.

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Contact Information

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Administration, Bureau of

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Montell Davenport, Executive Law Librarian


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