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Investigation Process

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Investigation Process

Upon receipt of a complaint, an OIIG complaint number is assigned to the contact and a triage/screening process of each complaint is undertaken. We will initiate a formal investigation when appropriate by assigning an IIG case number and investigator to the matter. In order to streamline the OIIG process and maximize the number of complaints that will be subject to review, if a complaint is not initially opened as a formal investigation it may also be reviewed as an “OIIG Inquiry.” This level of review involves a determination of corroborating evidence before assigning an IIG case number to the complaint. When the initial review reveals information warranting the opening of a formal investigation, an OIIG case number is assigned. If additional information is developed to warrant the closing of the OIIG Inquiry, the matter will be closed.


All Cook County employees and vendors who appear for an interview at the request of the OIIG will be advised of their rights and duties with respect to the interview using standard OIIG forms. The specific warning form used for a particular interviewee will depend on whether the interviewee is an employee, vendor or elected official and whether the interview is compulsory or voluntary in nature. Below are the interview warning of rights and confidentiality forms used by the OIIG:  
                Compulsory Interview Warning [Employee]
                Compulsory Interview Warning [Vendor]
                Voluntary Interview Warning [Employee]
                Voluntary Interview Warning [Vendor]
                Voluntary Interview Warning [Elected Official]
                Confidentiality Agreement 
If desired, an interviewee may retain a court reporter at his or her own expense to transcribe the interview.


At the conclusion of a formal investigation, the assigned Investigator will make a recommendation based on a thorough assessment of all the information obtained.  Thereafter, the Independent Inspector General shall submit a confidential summary report to the Cook County Board President, the appropriate head of any department or bureau to whose office the investigation pertains, the Chief of the Bureau of Human Resources and to the Purchasing Agent in the case of a sustained finding regarding a contractor, subcontractor, applicant for a contract, or person seeking certification of eligibility for a contract, to any separate elected official when the investigation involves his/her office and to the Board of Ethics in the case of a sustained finding regarding any violation of the Cook County Ethics Ordinance.


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