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The Office of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is responsible for the financial management of Cook County Government.  This includes managing the activities of the Bureau of Finance in a manner that insures Cook County Government is financially sound and maintains strong bond ratings.   The CFO manages the Bureau of Finance to ensure financial integrity and consistency, to engage in endeavors and practices that position Cook County as a leader in fiscal management and efficient, streamlined governance.
The CFO coordinates and supervises all financial activities of the County, monitors the expenditures of each budgetary unit, and issues general obligation bonds to support capital needs and economic development.  The CFO is responsible for the strategic direction and management of the six departments comprising the Bureau of Finance: Revenue , Risk Management , Budget and Management Services , Comptroller , Contract Compliance and Purchasing .
If you have any questions or there is other information that you would like to see made available, please contact the Bureau of Finance at 312-603-5287.

2012 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) of Cook County, Illinois for the fiscal year ended November 30, 2012 is now available online.


The Financial Reports section  of the Bureau of Finance site provides this CAFR document for review, as well as archived documents from prior fiscal years.


Bureau of Finance - CAFR >>



Countywide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Request for Information (RFI) #11-50-051, was issued by the Cook County Department of Purchasing on February 3, 2011, for the countywide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System and the related System Integration Services.


More information can be found on the project site at: http://cookcountyil.gov/ERP

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