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Countywide Capital Project Overview

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In response to requests from County agencies for upgrades to, or replacement of obsolete building systems, and to maintain compliance with current building codes, a countywide capital projects program comprehensively targets changing needs or demands of groups of similar building systems. Properties are assessed regularly for the need to replace or upgrade building systems. This initiative increases efficiency by systematic planning and bundling of similar projects for cost effective procurement. A sampling of these projects includes:

  • Building Exterior Inspection & Stabilization
  • Elevator Modernization
  • Emergency Power Systems Upgrade
  • Energy Efficiency Programs
  • Exterior Wall Renovation
  • Fire and Life Safety System Upgrades
  • Floor Covering Replacement
  • Green Light Fixture Replacement Program
  • Pavement Restoration Program
  • Roof Renovation Program
  • Telecommunication Wiring Installation
  • Telephone Systems Upgrades



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