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RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT UNIT – RECEPTION, CLASSIFICATION, DIAGNOSTIC CENTER (RTU-RCDC) -  Project designed, managed and completed by the Department of Capital Planning and Policy.


Operating within the Bureau of Economic Development, with the approval of the Cook County Board President and Cook County Board of Commissioners, the Office of Capital Planning & Policy (OCPP) develops and provides cost-effective, day to day management of the Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The CIP sets forth the plan for the design, construction and renovation of buildings and building systems. It emphasizes safety and code compliance, and improvements to security and fire and life safety systems. This commitment to make buildings safe, secure, functional and efficient for the delivery of services to the public is an ongoing priority.


Facilities Management is also part of our Department.


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With the advent of President Preckwinkle’s term of office there is a fresh focus on initiatives to reduce energy costs and increase operational efficiencies through the effective utilization of space in County facilities. Resource efficiency and the responsible use of County dollars are the driving forces behind recommendations to restructure various projects or to seek alternative financing opportunities (e.g. energy efficient projects and multiple project bundling strategies). Countywide facility assessments reap long term cost savings by developing a baseline understanding of the County’s capital assets and their condition, along with a multi-year strategy to implement wholistic, regularly scheduled maintenance and replacement programs.



A core group of enthusiastic, experienced professionals in the Office of Capital Planning and Policy support the President’s innovative commitments to fiscal responsibility, accountability, transparency and initiative in their assessment of project requests for conformance to essential project requirements, the administration of professional services agreements and construction contracts according to best practice methods and the implementation of up-to-date project management programs. The team serves as liaison to Cook County user agencies, program managers and contractors and coordinates capital issues affecting county departments and other governmental agencies as well providing new economic opportunities for the private sector.  We coordinate our work closely with the Real Estate Management Division.



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John Cooke, Director, Capital Planning and Policy, Bureau of Economic Development

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