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Executive Budget Recommendation Archive


This section contains the prior year's Executive Budget Recommendation files for reference purposes.
The current year's approved budget documents can be found at the 
Bureau of Finance> Annual Budget site.


The Cook County Budget covers the funding of the activities of the County itself; included are expenses for all the independently elected county officials. Cook County Forest Preserve District is not included in the Budget because it is a special taxing district with a separate budget. The largest of the restricted funds is for the Cook County Health & Hospitals System which has a tax levy separate from the County.


Each year, the budget process includes the issuance of the Executive Budget Recommendation by the County Board President. This document is used as a base for the County budget and is then amended by the Board of Commissioners and the President's office to create the final annual budget, or Annual Appropriations Bill, that is then approved and adopted by the Board of Commissioners and implemented at the start of the fiscal year. Further details regarding this process can be found in the Budget Procedures and Structures portion of the Preface of the County Annual Appropriations Bill.



2011 Executive Budget Recommendation

Below are documents related to the Executive Budget Recommendation for the 2011 fiscal year. 
All documents are dated  2-1-1011 unless otherwise noted.



Amendments to the Tentative Appropriation Ordinance
(FY2011_AmendmentHearingBook.pdf - 2.57 MB)
  (new - 2-24-2011)
For the programs and services of Cook County - as submitted to the Committee on Finance of Cook County


This document contains the budgetary amendments to the Fiscal Year 2011 Tentative Appropriation Ordinance as submitted to the Department of Budget and Management Services through February 22, 2011.

 IMAGE: Cover of the 2011 Executive Budget Recommendation



Full Executive Budget Recommendation
(FY2011_EXECREC_FullBook-reduced.pdf - 11.5 MB)

This file contains all sections of the document as it was released 2-1-2011.

Please refer to individual section listings below for any updates.


Volume II  


Quarterly Performance Reports

This document provides information about budgetary performance measures and quarterly reports from all reporting bureaus.

2009 - Q3 Performance Report
FY2009-Q3 Report (1.9 MB - "cc_FY2009-Q3_PerfReport.pdf")

2009 - Q2 Performance Report
FY2009-Q2 Report (2.1 MB - "cc_FY2009-Q2_PerfReport.pdf")

2009 - Q1 Performance Report
FY2009-Q1 Report (3.3 MB - "cc_FY2009-Q1_PerfReport.pdf")

2008 - Q4 Performance Report
FY2008-Q4 Report (2.3 MB - "cc_FY2008-Q4_PerfReport.pdf")

2008 - Q3 Performance Report
FY2008-Q3 Report (2.3 MB - "cc_FY2008-Q3_PerfReport.pdf")

2008 - Q2 Performance Report
Section I (5.4 MB - "cc_FY2008-Q2_PerfReport_II-1.pdf")

Section II-1  (10.6 MB - "cc_FY2008-Q2_PerfReport_II-1.pdf")
Section II-2  (10.8 MB - "cc_FY2008-Q2_PerfReport_II-2.pdf")

2008 - Q1 Performance Report
FY2008-Q1 Report (3.7 MB - "cc_FY2008-Q3_PerfReport.pdf")

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